Sarah & Artin: Palm Garden Hotel Wedding

Sarah and Artin were a blast! They got married at the Palm Garden Hotel in Newbury Park. I only met the couple a few weeks before their wedding. I had been emailing them for awhile but little did I know they were going to be the type of people I enjoy the most. They love Jeopardy, and make jokes about the Oxford Comma. They tease each other so lovingly. Their witty banter and friendly smiles made me feel right at home and I knew immediately they were people I’d want to know for a long time. They gave the most heartfelt speeches to each other, and their friends and family gave me all the feels as well. I am thankful for the opportunity to help them create their special day, and I am excited to join their trivia team.

The bride chose a vintage hairdo and an untraditional patterned dress. I adore her style.

I love photos of groom’s faces when bride’s walk down the aisle.



Sarah and Artin decided to have a bride’s man and a groom’s girl.

I’d really like to see people do this more often.

The bride and groom enjoyed a first dance as husband and wife.

And then everyone took a big group photo.

My favorite part of the night was Artin and Sarah’s toasts to each other. They were so sweet and personal.


And no wedding is complete without cake!