About Me

Monique’s interest in event planning started at the age of six. On Friday nights she arranged her stuffed kitties all around the living room, convinced her grandma to order pizza, turned up the music, and invited the neighborhood kids over for Cat Land Parties. She also watched lots of wedding tv shows.

In her teens she gained experience by volunteering at church and children’s programs, she loved to decorate for special events. This is when she learning the details of event setup. Monique took an Event Planning course in college and that’s when she knew she saw a future in the industry. Event planning somehow made its presence in every job she had, even in the mortgage industry. Monique would decorate for co-worker’s birthdays, help plan the company parties, and plan holiday celebrations. She has been an assistant to several coordinators from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles and apprenticed with Tobey Dodge, one of the finest in the wedding industry.

Monique currently resides in Simi Valley, California with her family of three. She has a Marketing Communication degree with a minor in Psychology. Other than Wedding Planning, Monique enjoys hiking, swimming, and gardening. She loves coffee, cats, dogs, and anything lemon flavored.