Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

You Will Save Time

Coordinators have researched wedding related questions time and time again, we know about pricing, etiquette, and style. We can tell you the do’s and don’ts and how to decide what works for you. We can save you hours of internet searching and book reading, and we have experience and expertise that a random person writing on the internet may not. The average wedding takes a total of 200 hours to plan.

You Will Save Money

Coordinators know how much event related prices should be. We know quantity and quality. We know how to budget and what to expect from your vendors. We have negotiated these fees before. We have connections. We have worked with vendors and built relationships that warrant discounts.

You will have a stress-free event- coordinators sign off on every detail. Your coordinator will make sure the DJ is loading in on time, and that there are the right number of chairs at each table, so you can get your makeup done and sip a mimosa, and not have to worry about the setup of your event.

You Will Hear the Truth

Coordinators are not biased. Some friends and family will say what you want to hear, others will be overly critical. We can be the mediator between you and your fiancé, or the two of you and your in laws, or you and your venue. We are interested in what is best for you.

You Can Relax

Coordinators set up and take down decor on your wedding. We are there to call a vendor who’s running late, Confirm that the floor plan is perfect, light candles, set out your guest book, and put your gifts in your car at the end of the night. Coordinators will let your friends and family be guests. We are there to make sure you  don’t worry, relax, and have a drink.

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